The epic poem HOMELESS CHRONICLES from Abraham to Burning Man … is an interesting foray into language. I can hear my tongue trying to form the words he uses like a rattler throatily teasing me from the first page of the book. From the Judean Desert of his heritage to Burning Man’s pagan artsy Black Rock Desert, this rattler charms you, scares you and tells you before it is coming, warning the imminent charge long before you get to the bloom of the poem’s end and see it for yourself. … The thrust of the book is this: Who do we tend to and why must we? … This book is a woven traffic of patterns he follows, synchronizing and priming through the forest of mankind, exposing us for the monkeys we are, and sometimes praising us along the battering route he has taken for being humane and human after all.

—Jane Crown, Publishing Editor of Heavy Bear, host of Jane Crown’s Poetry Radio