Irregular People: M-W-F

i. Monday

Head of the queue, once proud pro QB, traded his rifle
for a gun, bizarro ex-con Gerardo charms my inner Howdy Doody,
     "Hey, Doc Gerard, my brothas don't buy we’z cousins!"

A hooligan calls hisself Morphyne on the clipboard,
just in from the tulies, bullshits a med school bud from Willets,
name can’t recall, wrote him Vicodan, dog ate ‘em - orders more.

"Sorry, Sir, we don’t do pain scripts here. I’m no shopkeeper.
      Community clinics work better that way
              for most everyone in the long run."

     "Screw you, dude, I was told you was different,
           but you're a prick like the rest.
Better be careful - or …"

Covering my back, big black cuz puts an end to that,
      taunts the outsider, “You’re on the nod, tomato can,
      - it’s time to move on, and make it quick.”

       Injecting her weekly STD cocktail
through vermilion slattern Capris, I remind flaming Maria Diana
      this ain’t the place to transact charnel house commerce.

My Chi-town chum Sam unhooks his bike from the train’s eco-rack.
       Boom box atop paraphernalia balanced on handlebars,
                     crossing the ties, he rides over his latest paranoia.

         "Ger, I've definite proof your smirks fibbed all along
about us both attending O'Keefe Grammar School - why screw
  my head up the butt of your cryptic uncathartic clinical shit?

 If you closed your eyes, maybe you could finally see something.
I'm gonna sic Legal Aid on your fucking friendship lip service ass
                   should you refuse to cease and desist."

Alma Rose, all kindhearted lard and grins, heartache and breakdowns,
fiddles brilliant water color beach primitives of now foster twins:
 I’ll buy one for rent money, try to get some into Stanford’s Fair.

 My fave Mona Lisa sashays in, mustache trimmed, cig hung.
      “Doc, is you collecting gutter art or buyin’ runty people?
In any case, them free sample shemale hormones sure work great!

Ain’t it time you start ooching them Christians
to raise that long green, get me on the tits and cunt fast track?
          By the way, what color is they, Poles or Italian?"

A charming diabetic OCDer, Jill’s sexy ex-librarian fingers
   finger Braille while sipping Styrofoam tea and sugar
- no NutraSweet ‘til we reopen day after tomorrow.