Time-Motion Analysis

Pops and I come from a distant distant bloodline of nuts
and bolts fiendishly ingenious corporate efficiency

experts who contrive off-the-mark schematic duds
like the iconically named timesaver, microwaveable

ultra-transfatty Popscorn. We remote indexical emoticon
zygotes with higher IQs than emotional quotients

finagle to get shortlisted for Nobel Prizes in esoterica
such as Latin Toolboxes, once in a while Physiology

or Medicine, but never win. Shortchanged then blacklisted
by crackpot cliques ‘cause of screwed up snobby

office politics is how our fickle well-oiled stock’s
less than riveting rendition goes -- though it’s gossiped

some of us schnooks were indeed Dress British Think
Yiddish knobs religiously miniskirt chasing for orifices…

A micro-fraction of my six-month Vipassana
silent retreat half-lotuses into tripod positions

which flowering grandchildren do intuitively
Lego-building. The ratio of occupied floor pillows

(did I mention Uncle Jack contends he concocted
the whoopee cushion?) divided by elders bolted

into Geri-chairs shrinks. If this quant snapshot holds,
the sangha blueprint for renewal will be preempted:

Post hoc ergo propter hoc, our future’s not only nuts
but also top to bottom absolutely totally screwed.